Understanding of the World/STEM

Understanding of the world and STEM

Understanding the world supports the children’s personal knowledge and experiences of the world around them and their community

· Having an awareness of their family members– including grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

· An awareness of their community– Where they live, street/town/city and how to travel around.

· What’s in their community-places to go and things to do - park/library, museum /zoo or farm trips

· Being aware of people who can help us and what they do- Police Officers/Firefighters, Doctors/ Nurses/Post Office/Postal worker

· Building knowledge through new experiences extends their language and ideas

· Being around new language and words that supports a children’s curiosity and interests.

· Extending language and ideas through stories and play.

· A range of books from non-fiction (Factual), stories & Poems helps support children’s understanding of  cultural, social, technological and diverse world.

· Use technology alongside an adult to explore the world