Personal,Social and Emotional Development

This is a prime area of development helping children to make sense of the world around them and how to manage their own feelings whilst playing and working with others.

· Children’s personal, social and emotional development is important for children to lead healthy and happy lives. It begins with warm relationships with their parents and family and then continues with the adults in nursery.

· Strong attachments help children to understand their own emotions and understand the feelings of others around them. It helps children develop their thinking skills and build their confidence to have a go at tasks even when it is hard or difficult. We help children to believe in themselves and to ask for help when they need it.

· By working and playing together, children learn how to build friendships, be kind and be confident to manage when they have disagreements.

· It is important for children to learn how to look after their bodies and how to keep healthy and safe. Learning how to eat healthily and how to manage their personal needs helps children to develop their independence and self-care skills.

The following photos show children developing their personal, social and emotional development helping them to shape their learning for school and for life: