Maths skills begin at an early age when babies look for a dropped toy or children organise their toys into groups. These early skills help children to understand maths in the world around them giving them a good foundation for future learning.

· Developing a sense of number at an early age helps children to have a good mathematical understanding for future learning.

· Children learn what numbers mean and can match to the right amount.

· They learn to count in order and begin to recognise numerals.

· Children learn about number by arranging, sorting, ordering and counting objects such as counters, pebbles and figures such as animals and dinosaurs. Finding patterns and making links between numbers helps to develop this understanding.

· Using maths in everyday play helps children to use what they have learnt. The play kitchen and role play areas are great places for children to do this without worrying about making mistakes and giving them the chance to talk through their ideas about number with their friends.

· Building with blocks and exploring with objects helps children to learn about size and shape.

· They use tape measures, height charts, timers and clocks to learn about measurement.

There are mathematical learning opportunities all around nursery and here are some examples of children developing their mathematical understanding: