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Understanding Your Child's Behaviour

The Understanding Your Child parenting group is a free group open to every parent living in Walsall.  The group looks at children’s development, having fun together and children’s sleep, anger and communication. The group also looks at behaviour difficulties in children and how to fix things when they go wrong.

Understanding Your Child's Behaviour (mywalsall.org)

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Safety at Home

Please see the useful poster below on keeping children safe at home. 

Healthy Eating

Please see the file below on the importance of healthy eating.

Promoting Positive behaviour

Please see the useful poster below on how to promote positive behaviour.

Toilet training advice for parents

Toilet training advice to train your children before they start nursery.

10 top tips to encourage children to read in support of Reading Together Day

To support the very first Reading Together Day, the Department for Education have published tips for parents and carers of primary-aged children to help you encourage and support your children to read. They contain ideas on how to plan reading opportunities at home and make reading enjoyable and engaging, including during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.